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ALOEPATH® is an advanced urinary health formula for the bladder and urethra health formulated to support the lessening of recurring pelvic discomfort, urinary urgency, and frequency.* Recommended by urologists and gynecologists.*

The natural approach ALOEPATH® formula contains the highest-quality organic 200:1 freeze dried aloe vera.* This advanced formula includes BIO-PEA™ high absorption palmitoylethanolamide, L-Arginine, HI-Q™ high-absorption quercetin, magnesium glycinate, and calcium carbonate to synergistically broaden its health impact and support better health outcomes.*


ALOEPATH® is a next-generation vegan-friendly bladder formula that contains no anthraquinone or latex, and no soy, dairy, fish, shellfish or tree nuts. No stearate or titanium dioxide. No preservatives or artificial ingredients. No vegetable or magnesium stearate. Non-GMO and gluten free.
ALOEPATH® is manufactured in a USA GMP-certified facility. A delayed-release vegetable capsule in every serving to help bypass stomach acid and help improve bioactive efficacy.* Not to consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Before consuming any NAN product, always consult with your physician to make sure there are no contraindications with your medicaiton or medical condition.


* This product is not intented to diagnose, cure or prevent and disease.

ALOEPATH® Bladder Health & Discomfort Support Formula*

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